Du betrachtest gerade AI Search String helpful?
DallE-3 AI Symbols, via Bing

AI Search String helpful?

Here I present a universal search string for AI like ChatGPT-4, gathered from a free WordPress AI plugin. This plugin suggests, like numerous others do, that you can get scientific results and the HTML-Output in one step. AutoWriter is the magic word. Connect an AI plugin with the desired API, provide a search string with your theme, and you get fine results with text and pictures. So the optimistic opinion of the authors of such plugins. But back to the plugin derived search string. I only replaced the title with “carbon mineralization”. But is such an AI search string helpful for getting optimal results? Does the idea of automatic publication work?

AI Search String Example

(Paragraphs with numbers are added for better understanding of the structure.)

  1. Create a compelling and well-researched article of at least 500 words on the topic of “carbon mineralization” in English.
  2. Structure the article with clear headings enclosed within the appropriate heading tags (e.g., etc.) and engaging subheadings.
  3. Ensure that the content is informative and provides valuable insights to the reader.
  4. Incorporate relevant examples, case studies, and statistics to support your points.
  5. Organize your ideas using unordered lists with and tags where appropriate.
  6. Conclude with a strong summary that ties together the key takeaways of the article.
  7. Remember to enclose headings in the specified heading tags to make parsing the content easier.
  8. Additionally, wrap even paragraphs in tags for improved readability.

In my opinion, the search string above incorporates at least 17 separate tasks or aspects for the AI interface. This is quite a lot. While using ChatGPT-4 you should receive a more global review text in return, so my idea.

My special result using Bing Copilot alias ChatGPT-4 will be shown in the next post. Is a universal AI search string in free text form helpful? This remains the question. Here is the link to the application of the search string above.

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